Биография Gothart

 Gothart is a Czech World Music band started in 1993. At first they primarily interpreted medieval music (“Por nos de dulta”, “Stella splendens”). In the fall of 1998 their concert programs added world music, playing their own versions of Balkan folk songs and dances. This resulted in the group’s first “non-medieval" record, “Adio querida.” At that time, Gothart appeared at many festivals at home and abroad.

February 2000 saw their first appearance in the “Noc s Andělem” television show and in December of the same year they also performed in the New Year's Eve television program ”Ponorka”. In 2001, the album “Cabaret” came out and is considered by the band as a full expression of what “Adio querida” contained in a germinal form. This gave rise to a new musical category, which Gothart named “Rakija’n’roll”. The same words were used as the title of their fifth album, released in 2003. In October 2003, Gothart once again featured in “Noc s Andělem”, presenting their new CD along with a music video for the instrumental piece “Blachinja” (directed by David Čálek).

In December 2006 Gothart launched a new collection of originally rearranged folk songs picked from across the Balkans, titled "Rakioactive".

During their thirteen-year existence, Gothart have played at over 700 concerts, festivals and charity events, including performances in France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and others.

Band members

Janko Mijaktić Klíma — vocal, cister, guitar, gajda, darabuka
Petko Mijaktić Koláček — vocal, klarinetino, flute, cister
Helena Mijaktić Koláček — vocal, violin
Marko Mijaktić Vojtěch — vocal, accordion
Karlo Mijaktić Zich — vocal, bass guitar, double bass
Bety Mijaktić Josefy — vocal, davul, darabuka
Mitko Mijaktić Stančík — drums

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