Satin Jackets

Satin Jackets


Биография Satin Jackets

 Satin Jackets is the brainchild of german music producer Tim Bernhardt who teamed up with his friend Den Ishu as lead performer.

Recent successes like “You Make Me Feel Good”, collaborations with highly demanded vocalists, as well as top-ranked remixing work have turned the project into a very recognizable brand name for lush Indie Dance tunes with a pop appeal and a four-to-the-floor groove. Having toured three continents with over thirty gigs in 2014, plus their massive debut tour across the USA and Canada that included fifteen shows in Spring 2015, Satin Jackets has claimed their place as protagonists in the scene with their live show. Their ongoing work with the acclaimed Eskimo Recordings will ensure that Satin Jackets continues playing a vital role with crowds favoring momentum between 105 and 115 beats per minute

Фото Satin Jackets

Онлайн радиостанции
  • Лаунж
    Лёгкая, фоновая музыка
    Добавлено в Мои радиостанции
  • Парковка
    Радио Парковка - припаркуйся, отдохни, послушай
    Добавлено в Мои радиостанции

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