The Hurricanes

The Hurricanes


Биография The Hurricanes

 The Fabulous Hurricanes (formerly The Hurricanes) are a rhythm & blues group originally from Edinburgh, now based in London.

Ed Cox - Lead vocals, piano
Luke Bullard - Guitar
Triss Duncan - Bass
James Adam - Drums

The four-piece band consists of a drummer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist, with three members of the group singing. The band play 1950s rock and roll and 1960s rhythm and blues with a modern twist covering various artists including Ray Charles, Dr. Feelgood, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stevie Wonder, The Coasters and Muddy Waters.

After all meeting at school in 2004, the group began performing around Scotland, building up a following. What followed was national radio plays on XFM Scotland (now rebranded as Galaxy Scotland) and BBC Radio Scotland and articles have appeared in The List, Edinburgh Festival Magazine, Edinburgh Evening News, The Scotsman and The Skinny. In 2007 and 2008, The Fabulous Hurricanes played a string of shows most notably supporting Neils Children and Bombay Bicycle Club, and they were voted number 4 on the list of 'Scotland's Best Unsigned Bands' by The Scotsman. In 2008, the band were sent a letter by Paul McCartney inviting them to his Liverpool concert after he heard their music, and in 2010 the band performed with Kitty Daisy & Lewis to a sold-out crowd in Edinburgh. 

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