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 Stephan Hinz is the name that for years, while remaining fairly enigmatic, has been in heavy rotation by most of the biggest and brightest underground DJ's today. Not only has he played host to these same characters with his world renowned "DASDING Plattenleger" radio show, but he has consistently released big tunes in those same years on labels such as Kling Klong, Buzzin' Fly and Renaissance. Most recently, in early 2014 he joined Pan-Pot's esteemed new Second State label and put out one of the biggest tunes of the year; "Doch" which found its way into just about everyone's sets as well as landing on a number of highly regarded mix series including Joseph Capriati's upcoming Fabric Mix. After more than a decade of high level contributions to the world of underground dance music, now is the time Stephan steps out of the shadows to unveil his creative vision as a unique and powerful storyteller. Whether it's a long, anecdotal DJ set or an explosive, concise live performance, Stephan Hinz is a master at the controls and a orchestral raconteur of the highest caliber.

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