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 When one of your first bootlegs gets played by Radio 1 you know your doing something right. When said bootleg then gets requested by Angnelli & Nelson to be played at Planet Love a mere twenty four hours later, that's when you know you have something special. The bootleg in question was one of Dersonna's early edits, a storming re-rub of the late 90's David Morales classic 'Needin' U'. It marked the start of what is undoubtedly going to be a lengthy career for the aspiring producer, with the likes of Tech-House titans Luciano, Loco Dice & Jon Rundell already playing his records.

After the success of that early bootleg, Dersonna made the leap into full production, creating slamming Techno & solid Tech House numbers which devastate every dancefloor they touch. After being picked up by numerous labels his productions started being noticed on a wider scale with one of his remixes for fellow Glaswegians Worx not only claiming the top spot on the DJDownload Chart but also one of Juno Download's top Techno picks for 2010. And what makes his sound so utterly irresistible to the big name producers and dancing public alike? We find it comes from an uncanny ability to take people right to the edge, creating that moment of utter ecstasy when the bassline finally drops and the place goes completely wild. Whatever it is, the combination of ribcage-rattling bass and smooth-grooving rhythms has got us hooked...

With his feet so firmly glued to the driving energy of Techno however and with so much success already achieved through those devastating drops you'd think he'd be happy sticking with what has arguably become his primary sound. But with a full length album coming in 2011 and plans to start tinkering with Electro, Breaks & Dubstep there is clearly a lot more to come from Dersonna, and we personally can't wait to hear it.

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