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Sunthic Genius is a project that was officially on December 5, 2006 from an idea in some time: the creation of a musical group open to new trends and rooted in the culture house, electronic, techno and minimal since the dawn of this kind until today. The Genius Sunthic take body during the past years due creative collaboration of three young and bright personality which, animated by the same overwhelming musical passion, sense a chance to merge their knowledge and their creativity in a group of deejays-producers who have a soul multifaceted and broad vision of a world of music. The collaboration comes as a result of individual musical experiences of MARCO COSTA, SANDRO PEZZ and SALVO, which shape the soul and the mentality of Sunthic Genius with an interesting combination of styles, featuring all work and new draft of the group. The early successes not slow to arrive, and make concrete materially from 2007 onwards, when the three young artists began to perform in some local area. At the same time get an important recognition: the first position in a special dj competition organised by the Seychelles House Club of Vicenza, hence the group begins to stand out and getting noticed with brilliant dj set, private parties and participating in some local events. From the spring of that year Sunthic Genius come into contact with Francesco Ciconte alias CICO (agency Unique-Cico) and with the realities SMUG and SHAMBA, two of the most important musical realities of Veneto. It began as an intense friendship and a fruitful collaboration, which leads the three young djs to play in some parties Shamba in 2007 and 2008, to be attended by thousands of people. Thanks to research sound and musical culture of djs official Smug, Stephan Krus and Daniels, Sunthic Genius learn many tricks of the trade and take confidence with the general public. Also in 2007 began their career as remixers: the first assignment and a remix of Balla Con Me for dj Matrix, which sells in northern Italy and Austria, followed by the remix YAMVSO for NT89, next to the record company and No Yet of the dj Artus, produced by Teorema Netlabel (Spain). The last remix, dated to April 2008, is a review of success Is It Real, produced by E-motion Sounds, with which the Sunthic Genius participating in a remix contest. As the producers Sunthic Genius downs have some of their productions, as Sunrise of a new world, Painful, Vanilla, Subway and Scream, who are waiting to be published shortly. The objectives that the three couples are proposed for the near future are obviously ambitious and varied, the first among all the chance to make fun and dancing young people in the local area and, of course, the success of the individual so far completed.

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