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Swen Weber born in the heart of Germany, Bochum, Swen Weber lived a pretty normal childhood, things began to change when he kicked off his DJ career like most others buying two turntables and a mixer, who could of imagined that a few years later he would have the whole world at his feet.

Not content with playing music, Swen started making his own tunes in 2001 under the synonym StormQ and since these early days he has gone on to release tunes on Ministry Of Sound, Great Stuff Records, and Paradise Records to name but a few.

During this time he has been assisted by John Acquaviva and signed to the biggest electro label in Germany, Great Stuff Records, with his first release "First Stroke".

With a unique blend of hard electro, techno, electro house and minimal, Weber has taken the world by storm with live sets alongside DJing, pushing the envelope and surprising his audience each time with groundbreaking tracks.

Having played in some of the biggest clubs around the globe such as Ministry of Sound in London-UK, Snow Club in Ekatarinenburg-Russia, Rose Garden in Helsinki-Finland, Opium Garden in Miami-USA and Nuth Club in Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, 2010 is an exciting time for Swen Webber, and is definately a name you will be seeing a lot more of in the future.

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